Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales


THURS 30TH: “A Halloween Noise Demo Planned for Thursday 30th October on the pavement outside Raytheon 3pm till we get bored and head for the pub!

Stop Them Making more Plans For and Depleted Uranium and Cluster Bombs. Along with the other Weapons of not quite so Mass Destruction. A campaign against Raytheon unit 510 Bristol Business Park, Frenchay opposite (U.W.E Campus)”


The reality of what these companies do will be told to by more appropriate careers advisors:Pestilence, War, (Famine and Death had the day off). Thoughtful engagement, with Pestilence and War using the alternative careers fair guide, was carried out oth inside and outside the building. One of the exhibitors was E-ON, the power company (targeted by this years “Camp for Climate Action”) whose stall was beneath a banner proclaiming: “Climate Change is at the heart of our business”. Well, yeah we know that. But we think they trying to say that it was something they were dealing with, rather than making worse. When questioned on this basis (pic) they didn’t really have too much to say, except for one of them saying he works in the wind department.


Baliffs turned up late this morning with plans to immediately evict. They had not given the 7 days notice, but would not listen to reason. Within 1 hour there were 40-50 local people there to help resist. Police turned up in numbers as well, but they eventually saw reason and the police, and then the baliffs left. Hooray!

Archive:Raytheon roof demo 23/10/08:

38 hours…and then they came down: show your support to this campaign by coming to the noise demo:

Arms Manufacturer Raytheon’s Offices in bristol has been closed since this morning as roof occupation goes on for over 36 hours. 10 arrests so far, and one premises raided by police.

Hardcore- two people still on roof – the two who came down have been arrested. The 2 remaining people are reportedly in high spirits – they have been up there since 0600 yesterday morning. They have a tent and some company, both welcome and unwelcome. The whole building is covered in banners, and crime scene tape. Fire Brigade Cherry Picker has been and gone. Police brought a lighting rig, but couldn’t get it up!

can't get it up lads?

can't get it up lads?


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