Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales



Five protesters managed to evade detection this morning by disguising themselves as work men and when at the front doors of Raytheon, One Protester, A former British Soldier chained and D locked himself to the front doors of the offices in the Bristol Business Park, Frenchay, Bristol. The Police finally arrived around 9:00 when agitated workers could not get into work, to plan the building of more illegal weapons which are being used in illegal conflicts around the globe including Palestine and Iraq.



So Protesters are still there, any support would be welcome at Unit 510, Bristol Business Park, Off Coldharbour lane, Frenchay. Opposite the U.W.E Campus. Every Thursday between 3pm and 5pm we will be squatting the roundabout at the entrance to the business park. For a noise demonstration, banner drop and information share come and show your support for the campaign with no name thats not going away until Raytheon do.


Enough is Enough!

You can get any UWE (U) bus to frenchay. they go from town, gloucs rd, trinity and clifton


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