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“The term in the US has now been widely used to describe an early 2006 sweep of arrests, convictions and grand jury indictments of alleged ELF/ALF activists on charges relating to acts of property damage, conspiracy, arson and use of destructive devices dubbed “Operation Backfire,” the cases of the SHAC7, Eric McDavid and Rod Coronado, as well as recent repressive legislation such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which attempts to turn activists into “terrorists.” ”

Is it coming to the UK?

This follows a NECTU (National Extremist Tactical Co-ordination Unit) press release published in full in last weekends Observer, under the headline ” Police fear Growing threat from Eco-Terrorists”, which highlights the notorious, but some how unknown terror campaign by eco-murderers Earth First!

Oh, but hang on a minute, it seems that Earth First have never committed terrorist offences (or crimes against the person) but according to the Police, they might be thinking about it. This seems to be based not on material evidence, but on the claim “There are a number of very dedicated individuals out there and they could be dangerous to other people.” Yeah, and most of them wear uniforms, you could add. The article yet again mentions the now legendary “stash of knives” allegedly found outside climate camp. It also claims that Earth First is well funded! ha ha ha.

Apparently, people are also researching corporations. Oh my God! It also mentions a statement by an earth firster that we need to reduce the worlds population by 80%. No one has advocated this in the uk (and most radical greens that i know would reject population control as way of stopping environmental catastrophe as vehermently as I do). This was never a call for a ‘human cull’ as the article implies anyway.

In fact, lets do a quick calculation:

Deaths in Police Custody: over 1000 (since 1969 -incidentally, no convictions)

Deaths caused by Earth First: 0

Civilian Casualties In Afghanistan: 3485 (2004 only)

A westsider also writes:

Welcome to WECTU

There is a new force in the battle against ‘domestic extremism’. Not to be outdone by the English (see NETCU – National Extremist Tactical Co-ordination Unit) the Welsh police forces have come up with WECTU. Taken from the South Wales Police Policing Plan 2008 – 2011: “Along with the other Welsh police forces we have created a single Special Branch for Wales: the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit (WECTU). This will improve our resilience, capacity and capability when dealing with Counter Terrorism and Domestic Extremism and will enable us to provide mutual aid to other Counter Terrorism Units across the UK. Over the next three years WECTU will work to improve protective security at key locations, enhance border security and increase our capability to identify terrorist and extremist threats.” If you think that this only applies to all those terrorists hiding out in the Rhondda Valleys, you may like to think again. NETCU define ‘domestic extremism’ as follows: “The term ‘domestic extremism’ applies to unlawful action that is part of a protest or campaign. It is most often associated with ‘single-issue’ protests, such as animal rights, anti-war, anti-globalisation and anti-GM (genetically modified) crops.” Hmm, since legislation is constantly passed to criminalise political protest, I think that just about covers everything and anything! Like NETCU and the other ‘domestic extremism’ units, WECTU will feed into the ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee, a high level committee including senior government officials, security services and police. They, in turn, will lobby for more police powers and more legislation to criminalise protest. It’s all a bit silly really, but it seems the government are putting structures in place to try to stamp on any grassroots opposition they stumble upon. Not that they’ll succeed of course – no matter what daft names they come up with, they’re still just coppers. But We are Everywhere…


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  Calvin wrote @

The article has now been retracted…


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