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a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales

another busy week…in photos


Stansted Lock-on

On Monday, there were two actions which westsiders were involved with. You’ve probably heard all about Stansted. There hopefully will be an interview with one of the participants on this site coming up soon. You’re less likely to know about the other one:

No Borders activists from Bristol,Oxford and South Wales joined with members of the Campaign Against Immigration Controls to make a horrible noise with drums, olive oil tins, a symbol and two megaphones in a noise demo outside the HQ of Amey PLC in Oxford. Whilst No Borders North East held a solidarity picket outside the company’s Newcastle HQ.

The protest went on for three hours, the noise visibly disrupting Amey’s working day. Though security guards initially asked for protesters to leave, no police were called, it appears the company simply do not want the attention that would bring. Employees were leafleted as they left the office and there was a banner drop from the nearby car park.

Amey Noise Demo

Amey Noise Demo

These protests are part of a campaign against Amey Plc. In September 2008 five Colombian cleaners working for Amey at the National Physical Laboratory were suspended for criticising the company, they have since been sacked. Amey Plc have worked hand in glove with the immigration authorities, asking ‘disruptive’ workers to attend fake training sessions, which turn out to be opportunity for UKBA agents and police to detain and deport.

Check bristolnoborders.wordpress.com for more info.

If you check Bristol Indymedia you’ll see there were some reports of attacks on police stations in solidarity with our friends in Greece.

Greek Cops on Fire

These were a example one of dozens of international solidarity actions throughout Europe and beyond.

Wednesday saw the third Raytheon roof occupation of a dynamic campaign. As we write on Saturday evening, they remain on the roof.


Friday saw the opening of  a squatted art space with an photo exhibition “Waiting Rooms”. This was a series of photos derelict buildings, some sadly going to waste, others happily transformed into peoples homes, and social spaces.


The exihibition continues over the weekend.

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