Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales

raytheon protest continues as gaza burns

injured by sundays ground offensive

injured by sundays ground offensive

a report from a friend in Gaza:
12.00 Sunday 4th
“Tanks and ground forces moved into Gaza yesterday night. The BBC reports that there were clashes between Israeli ground forces and Palestinian fighters around the towns of Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya and Jebaliya refugee camp as well as tanks being present in the Zeitoun area south of Gaza City. The main north-south road is blocked. Troops also crossed near to Gaza’s defunct airport to the south of Rafah. F16s continued to pass overhead last night, but there was less shelling. OJ is waiting for the tanks to arrive to document the incursion, and to ride with ambulances. Her sister spoke to her an hour ago but the phone network is down again now. From a conversation I had with OJ last night it seems that Sharon and the in Gaza city ISM group were together at Jebaliya refugee camp when it started, waiting to be sent out with ambulances, but that it was impossible to get to some of the places where people had been injured.”

Those “internationals” bearing witness and providing medical assistance(including OJ and Ewa) , the have refused to leave Gaza.

As the tanks roll into Gaza, westsiders are showing solidarity with gazans in a variety of ways. for over 3 weeks now the roof of the raytheon office has been occupied, made even more pertinent by the israeli attack:

“Despite the cold weather…around a dozen people turned out to support the regular Thursday vigil in support of the Raytheon Rooftop Protest.

A fourth member has joined the protest, bringing an extra tent to the rooftop which now resembles a campsite! Plus a tripod and lock-on tubes have been added to resist any attempt to evict the protest. There was also a march through Bristol City Centre on Saturday, attended by hundred people. This was one of dozens acrioss the country.

Windows have been reportedly smashed at neighbouring merchant of death Boeing:

“around 10 windows were smashed at boeing opposite Raytheon on news years eve. They make the bunker buster bombs being used in Palestine right now. The GBU 39 check http://www.boeing.com/ for the proof. A quick google reveals where its being used. the time to act is now.

sorry if this effects the on going Raytheon protest next door but i had to act i was angry”


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