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gaza update – saturday

I spoke to OJ this morning and this is what she said-

Since Wednesday and the heavy bombing and leaflet drops telling people to evacuate, things have been relatively quiet. Air strikes have continued, but in a less consistent way. In the three-hour cease fires people have been going back to their homes to retrieve things and check on what remains. Sometimes parts of streets have just vanished.

Yesterday in Rafah people receive automated calls to their landlines, like the ones you get telling you you’ve won some fabulous prize.

Only these phone calls are from the Israeli Defence Force saying that they have so far enacted phases one and two of their plan, and are about to proceed to phase three. No suggestions of how to prepare, no warning of when to actually expect it. Because both other phases were launched on Saturday the fear was that it would come today, but so far nothing.

They are lucky where OJ is staying; they had flour in stock before the incursion started. The electricity only came on late at night for a few hours on Thursday and Friday, so that they had miss sleep to catch up on news and get work done. Today it’s been on most of the day.

Yesterday she spoke to a Palestinian friend in Jaballiya who has had no running water since beginning of conflict, no electricity for a number of days and is now out of food.  There are troops 600 metres from their home but they managed to get out in search of food. Then the phones went down, and she doesn’t know if they had any luck.

They’ve not been asked to ride with any ambulances since Wednesday, though there is some discussion about them accompanying transfer patients at some point. Rafah only has a small hospital with limited facilities, so people needing more specialist care will have to go elsewhere, possibly through army crossings, to get to it.

Translated version of the leaflets dropped on Wednesday-

“Citizens of Rafah- Due to Hamas using your houses to smuggle and store ammunition, the Israeli Defence Force will attack your homes from Sea Street to the Egyptian border. To the people who live in these areas: Block O, Al Brazil camp, Al Shora area and Qishta area, all homes beyond Sea Street must be evacuated. You have from the time you receive this leaflet until 7.00am the following morning. For you and your children’s safety follow what this leaflet says – The leadership of the Israeli Defence Force”


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