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lastest gaza update from oj

Last night I got to have a proper long conversation with OJ, who was on good form. One of the families that first evacuated to where she is staying is still with them, and others drop by if there is increased shelling in their areas for a time. They were sitting on the floor wrapped in blankets as they have to keep the windows open in case they shatter. They can hear artillery fire now in the distance. There was electric today so the laptop was being passed about and she managed to get the following out. It seems that the Egyptians have randomly been letting some people through at the border, and today she’s going to be accompanying some Greek politicians who want to get a bit of an understanding. She talked a little about when she might leave if things stop (she wants to stay and help pick up the pieces for a while). And she asked me to send loads of love to everybody.
Devastation in the village of Khoza’a
This video accompanies the report sent yesterday about the Israeli ground incursion on Tuesday 13th January into Khoza’a, a small rural community east of Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip. This attack followed heavy missile strikes on Khoza’a over the course of the last week.

Local resident, Iman Al Najar, describes her experiences on 13th January and how events unfolded, including the destruction of her family’s home. She indicates to the devastation in her neighbourhood around her.
Then her neighbour, pictured in the wreckage of his burnt-out home, explains how it was attacked by a strange type of missile, possibly containing white phosphorous. This is followed by the testimony of a woman whose home was so badly damaged she had to evacuate it. During the incursion she was imprisoned by Israeli soldiers in a nearby building, along with Iman’s younger brother. Scenes of destroyed homes are also shown.

Iman’s older brother talks about how he sustained a head injury as he tried to help neighbours who were wounded after the Israeli army fired a flaming material at them, again, believed to be white phosphorous. The young teenager seen with him is the brother who was detained and forced at gunpoint to dance and sing when Israeli forces shot a local woman in the street.A father and his son show the viewer around their demolished home, where the basement is the only room of the house still intact, at least partially. The family gathered in the basement as the rest of the house was being destroyed above them. They escaped through the cave-like hole shown in the film.

An old lady sitting on her front steps gives passionate account of how her daughters’ homes were destroyed. She highlights the plight of the Palestinian people.

Amazing speech by Gerald Kaufman. Amazing.

More Amazing Action by People at EDO Factory in Brighton Early This Morning: https://publish.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/01/418777.html

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