Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales

Bristol Call Out Against the G20


Following a recent meeting in Bristol, and an earlier one in London, those who attended it decided that we needed to make a ‘local’ call out for the meeting of the G20, which is happening on April 2nd this year, at the Excel Centre, in London’s Docklands.

Our call out is an anti-capitalist one, which will be further developed in
meetings on Wednesday 25th Feb at 8.00pm @ kebele, 14 robertson rd, easton. There will be a follow-up, more heavily promoted meeting on Saturday, 7th March at 2.00pm, again at kebele.

There has also been a Call-Out by Climate Camp, for action on April 1st.


Time is short, but this is as good a time as we are going to get to get an
anti-capitalist message across. Let Organise.Quick.

Please pass this message on to all autonomous groups in the region that you are involved with.


  Tangle wrote @


We are hosting (and would like to invite you to) a gathering in Machynlleth, Mid-Wales on the (provisional dates of) 21st-22nd March.

The purpose of the weekend will be to form working groups in order to organise a Camp in Wales this Summer- *Climate Camp Cymru*

It would be our pleasure to invite those who might be able to ‘represent’ working groups past and present, to the Gathering in March. This would help support people with limited experience of setting up a camp.

In exchange for your wisdom, company and assistance we can offer food, party, accommodation and plenty of hills to walk.

Many thanks in advance… please get in touch

You can contact us at info@climatecampcymru.org or l3wis85@gmail.com

  Scott wrote @

This is a funny funny picture! What’s the alternative. I laughed out loud! This states the opposite of what Capitalism is! Capitalism is all choice – market determines the choice! This is hillarious! if the quality is low, then no one buys the product and the company goes away! It’s funny that you try to make some sort of point with this picture but fail miserablely and the best thing is that it reflects directly on whoever posted it and whoever allowed it to be on this blog.
dum dum dum dum

  westsideclimateaction wrote @

yes, scott. of course, no one has ever been killed due to the distorted social relationships u get with a capitalist system… duh!

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