Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales

climate activists, policing and the state

With the G20 police inquiry, recommendations  focussing on inadequate training –  a skillfully bureacratic de-escalation of the princples involved – rather than the fact that Ian Tomlinson’s death and the beating of many outside the carbon exchange was a direct result of an order from “Bronze Command” to clear the streets using “reasonable force”.

In the end, we are all potential victims of The States’ “reasonable force”  –  many gathered outside the carbon exchange that day may have thought that police violence would have been reserved for the “bad protesters” kettled at Bank, or smashing a couple of windows at RBS.

The fact that when the order came, the climate protesters met with the most sustained state violence of the day, perhaps to their surprise.

The fact is, despite the perception of many within the anti-capitalist/anarchist  movement in britain as climate activism being reformist, The State seems to view it as it it’s biggest threat –  at least in terms of the repressive policing witnessed not just in London, but at the three climate camps, monitoring of meetings and harassment from the FIT team.

Its a shame then, that the climate movement itself doesn’t regard itself as  revolutionary. In both dialogue and propaganda it’s happy to be a media-friendly lobbying campaign.  Its time we started taking ourselves seriously, rather than function as irrelevant  adjunct to Greenpeace, or The Green Party (The hopelessness of Greenpeace’s lobbying stunts to have any influence over the current G8 meetings decisions is a fait accompli – why with a smaller budget should we try to replicate those?).


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