Westside Action

a motley crew of anarchists and activists from Bristol, Bath and South Wales

Westside Round Up – Blackcat, Climate Camp Gathering, Rossport, Smashings

Blackcat Social Centre – on the prowl again

After a productive month at the Methodist vicarage, the Black cat has moved on to pastures new. We are at the top of West Avenue (just around the corner from the old building) and our address is 63 West Avenue,Oldfield Park,Bath.

We will only be in this building for a very short time (probably a week) and obviously have a bigger better place lined up for then, but for now, all Black Cat Calendar events are running as usual at the above address. For a full list of Black Cat calendar events, check out www.bathactivistnetwork.blogspot.com. To get in touch, email:bathsocialcentre@gmail.com

The next Climate Camp National Gathering will be hosted by Bristol over three exciting days during February 19th – 21st February. Timings The gathering will start from 11am on Friday 19th February through to 5pm on Sunday 21st February. The venue for the meeting space will be at The Island (Bridewell), Silver Street, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 2DL, which is in Bristol City Centre. Further details click here. Following a victory in the courts about the unlawful use of Section 1 of PACE to search people at the Kingsnorth Climate camp in 2008, Climate Camp are asking people to fill in a form, with a view to take further legal action, here.

A bit further a field, but close to many people hearts is the retrial of many locals who ahve been involved in long running and impressivethe Anti-Shell campaign in Rossport, Ireland. If their appeal fails, then many could face jail. Check there website to see how you can support them.

Everybody Benefits

There has been the usual glut of benefit gigs in Bristol and surrounds -and this coming weekend is no exception. Check Out French Melodic Punk “La Fraction” (in aid of Bristol ABC and Moscow Antifa) at the Croft this Friday (£6 in) and then at The Plough in Easton on Saturday, Kilnaboy and others make a noise in aid of some travellers in South Devon who are due to be evicted.

Meanwhile,on we think, last Sunday Night – Bristol “…magistrates court next to the bus station in the middle of bristol was attacked. all the reachable windows were smashed out and spray paint messages left on the walls “fuck the law not the poor!”. According to the BBC report (not a mention on the evening post website) 35 windows were smashed.

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