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The roof of 87 Ashley road St Paul’s Bristol continues to be occupied 120 hours (5 days) after the attempted eviction of the residents. The people on the roof are staying put in protest at the gentrification and destitution of our area. And defence of homes for all. They would appreciate your company, especially between 4pm and 6pm for a solidarity demo.


Rooftop Occupation -update

23.36 – 5 people still on roof

Not much else to say, except they seem to be in good spirits, have plenty of people giving them support on the ground . We now have our own mobile incident support unit on the scene. No police at the moment, but security with a couple of vicious looking dogs inside the house.

Be good if people could be their as early as they can tomorrow morning.


The inhabitants of 87 Ashley Road woke up this morning to a garden full of cops and bailliffs here to evict them from the house that is a home to around 15 people, and make them homeless.

As I arrived on the scene(around 10.30 am), Ashley Rd was cordoned off both sides of the house, and there was also police presence behind the house. The bailiffs were already in the building at this point, and all inhabitants had left, apart from 2 that managed to get onto the roof. They even called a helicopter in to ‘check that there were 2 people on the roof’ (I thought that’s what eyes were for!) As I was leaving to come and write this (12.30pm), 3 more heads popped up over the roof!


This comment previously appeared from attempted eviction of 87 Ashley Road last week. See story and comments here:
It is reposted to alert people to the fact that the 7 days notice given by bailifs will finish tomorrow so there may well be evicition anytime from tomorrow morning.

…People will carry on squatting and for a load of different reasons. Because they are desperate and need a place to stay, or because they are passionate about wanting to live outside the crazy logic of spending life working to pay rent, or many other reasons in between.
The question with this one is…What about this house on Ashley Road? It has been defended once, but if I’m not mistaken they may well attempt another eviction tomorrow.
It’s clear from this article
that the response to the attempted, illegal eviction and the press interest that has been generated in to P4Ps activities, has made them begin a charm offensive.
As the comments suggest, there are still loads of easy stereotypes about squatters that will be made. All of us that are worried about the impact that developers are having on our communities, the bail outs of banks with public money and the rising cost of living to us all, while the rich at the top cream all the profits, should put aside any doubts about whether these people living in a building abandoned for three years are ‘right’ to live there. And instead think about how they are making a stand for the whole community. It’s a tricky issue but I would rather see work delayed a few more weeks, and a proper debate about what these housing associations are up to. We should all unite in the demand that we don’t want any more of our public assets sold off. They are not the ones delaying affordable housing in Bristol. That’s what the whole crazy property market has been doing in Bristol and the whole country for years!