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Bristol Co-Mutiny

Comutiny Final Flyer Black and WhiteSMALL

Come and join the Co-Mutiny!
Bristol September 12th – 20th, 2009
Social Change not Climate Change

self- created recession, war, climate change, repression, environmental
degredation and poverty the list goes on…

But there is hope. Anti government protests are taking place across the
world, factory and school occupations have spread throughout the UK. Local
communities .  We are relearning old skills and learning new
ones for the transition to a just society.

In Bristol and surrounds, a diverse bunch of enraged creatives, dreamers
and schemers, builders and gardeners, workers and students have been drawn
together by the common threads of our indignation at how a combination of
corporate greed, social injustice and environmental degradation is leading
us all towards climate chaos and financial collapse. We invite you to
converge on Bristol for an uprising of autonomous actions and events from
practival skill share to direct action.

12th – 20th of September 2009. Come on down, join the mutiny, get in touch!

OPEN PLANNING MEETING: 13th June 2009, 12pm Bridewell Police Station (the
old one! – does it have another name?)
The Co-Mutineers will be organising actions and events but we need you to
get involved, wherever you are from and whatever your experience. We
encourage autonomous actions.

We are looking for groups and individuals to come along with ideas, plots
and plans for actions, workshops and skill shares. We need you to make
this happen!

For more info: email: comutiny@riseup.net or web: comutiny.wordpress.com/