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New issue of Gagged! out now

Issue 24 of Gagged! is out now, featuring articles by No Borders South Wales, South Wales Anarchists and us, Westside Climate Action! In future all Westside acticles will appear on here before Gagged! is printed. You can download a .pdf of the newsletter to print out, photocopy and distribute, or get in contact if you want a bundle of paper copies. Here’s the two articles we contributed:

UK Coal Authority AGM Disrupted

The UK Coal Authority’s AGM was brought to a halt in Cardiff’s Hilton Hotel last month by protestors demonstrating against the monster Ffos-y-Fran opencast mine in Merthyr Tydfil. 3 activists climbed the roof of the Hilton entrance and unfurled a banner reading “Coal = Climate Disaster”, while Merthyr residents occupied the conference. Local people have long been campaigning against the mine which is situated in one of the poorest areas in Wales. Masquerading as a “land reclamation” scheme, plans are in place for coal mining to continue on the site for the next 17 years, extracting 11 million tonnes of coal, which will in turn produce 29.5m tonnes of carbon dioxide. The nearest houses are a mere 37 metres from the site, and residents are forced to endure noise & pollution for 16 hours daily, with climate chaos forced on the rest of the planet – all for the benefit of big business. The mine is owned by Miller Argent, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Pensions Group. 

Rossport Solidarity in Cardiff

12 Westside Climate Camp activists occupied the Irish Consulate in Cardiff in September in solidarity with the Shell to Sea campaign against Shell’s pipeline in  Rossport. The consulate was occupied for two hours while the consul refused to meet demonstrators, and messages were left protesting against the Irish state’s complicity in the environmental destruction that the Shell pipeline will bring.